Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chapter III - The Kennedy


Twelve earth standard days later;

“Tactical! How many rim runners are currently coming at us from the surface?”

“About twenty or thirty, sir. We won’t know for sure for another minute or so. Some appear to be hopping between space debris.”

“All hands to battle stations! We’re taking them out.”

Unnoticed, because of the battle about to erupt around the Antietam, another ship is silently approaching from the rear. “Captain, another ship is approaching from astern.”

“On screen, ensign, and identify.”

“It’s the Kennedy, and it’s about time.”

“Comms, hail the Kennedy, and have her ready her star runner detachment, immediately.”

“Aye sir. Kennedy’s Captain hailing thru.”

“Mitch, what’s happening out here?”

“Pete, it’s maddening, every time we take a decisive advantage they seem to come back at us from nowhere. How quickly can you ready your runners?”

“All ready to go. We’ve been monitoring you for the past one hundred and twenty parsecs, and have had the runner det on standby for the past sixty. Lieutenant Simmons, launch runners now!”

Hawke and his crew silently watch as the Kennedy’s runners launch in wave upon wave from the runner carrier’s launch bays. In perfect military formation they assemble and go after the rim runners from the surface. One by one, the rim runners lose interest in the Antietam as the star runners engage for battle. The battle lasted twenty-three hours and before it was over, both sides experience heavy losses.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chapter II - Hawke


"Mr. Hawke, a level one priority message from Admiral Casey is coming through."

Captain Mitch Hawke has been the commanding officer of the Council Intergalactic Ship Antietam since her commissioning in 2858. He is a tall, well built man that remains deadly quiet and calm in all situations. His crew respects him to the fullest degree of his assigned commission. This, above all else, is the main reason the Council of Planets felt him the best man for this situation.

"Have it patched into my underway cabin chief."

"Aye, Aye, sir."

"Hello, Mitch. How's the rim?"

"Pretty uneventful John, other than the rim skirmishes. But, that's not why you called. What’s going on?"

"You're right, the Council President is going ahead with the Android Article..."

Hawke replied, "Damn!"

"Yeah, the skirmishes will probably end up in a full scale Civil War. The President wants you at DEFCON 1, and everyone else at DEFCON 4. The Kennedy is already on her way to assist. Wait until you see the new Fast Attack Star Runners."

"I hope you're sending some seasoned runner pilots. These bush pilots may not have the latest, but they sure as hell have the heart."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prelude to Civil War - year 2857


"Mr. Council President, if you insist on supporting this so-called Android Article, then I must warn you that seven of the thirteen planetary colonies have threatened secession from the Planetary Council!"

"To hell with the colonies! They're nothing but upstarts Thornberg. Besides, it has been shown on more than one occasion that the androids have achieved a level of sentience. In short, they are now self-aware."

"But sir, they are the only means to mine some of the outer asteroids with any efficiency and safety. This kind of upheaval has not happened within our civilization since the original War between the States, one thousand years ago."

The door to the President's office slams open, and Admiral Casey storms in all out of breath.

"Damn it Casey! don't you ever knock?"

"I'm sorry Speaker Thornberg, something terrible is happening at the outer rim."

"Well, don't just stand there! What is it?"

"The Plutonian Colony has started skirmishes with our border patrol. They can't do much damage to our battle cruisers with their little star runners, but it is only a matter of time before they develop bigger ships!"

"Who is currently assigned patrol of that sector?"

"The Antietam under the command of Captain Hawke, sir."

"Make sure he is at DEFCON 1 until further notice, and send reinforcements to hold that sector. Put all other units on DEFCON 4 alert. Oh, and send that new Fast Attack Star Runner carrier Kennedy to assist."

"Yes sir."

"Come on Thornberg, we have a new article to put into effect, and a Civil War to head off..." and, under his breath, "If possible..."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hymn for a Union Soldier

Brother, we went to war today, you for their side.
And I for ours.
Before we left we exchanged a hand in friendship and
Expressed our love.
But, 'ere we meet on the field of battle,
What shall you do?
What shall I do?
Just because I fight on this side, and you on that,
Does not our love diminish, or our blood run thin to water.


Civil War 2861 Introduction

In the year 2857 the Council of Planets and its President are about to pass the android article. The only trouble is, androids are the only beings which can mine or safely terraform many of the outer planets and larger asteroids. But, androids have become so sophisticated as to be self-aware or semi-sentient. Many of the inhabited planets of the solar system are threatening to secede from the Council of Planets and form their own government. This Galactic Civil War is about to take place one thousand years after the original American Civil War in 1861.

I have designed this series to be the beginning of its own literary universe. I do not plan on writing a ‘good guy’, ‘bad guy’ SciFi novel, the initial books will be two. One will be titled ‘Civil War 2861: Union’, and the other ‘Civil War 2861: Confederacy’. I want them bound in such a way where they are printed back-to-back and 180 degrees out. As one is read, the other will be upside down. I do it this way so the reader chooses which book to read first. I believe, that if the reader is dictated which book is first, the reader already is predisposed as to a ‘good guy’, ‘bad guy’ situation. What I am striving to create is a universe where the reader can form his/her own opinion as to which side is right or wrong. The only wrong here is war. Both sides are ultimately fighting to save their way of life, or to bring their new beliefs into the forefront of the political climate. As we will see there is humanity on both sides.

I had originally designed a web site to promote this concept. What I envisioned for this site was to make, not only the author accessible, but also to provide a forum for discussion. I wanted to compile some metrics on where readers are from, which book they started with, and why. Who did they think was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and why. I also want to hear readers’ opinions/ideas for future works. An online web game is already in the beginning stages, and I have plans on licensing ‘Civil War 2861’ to the right companies for creating a collectible card game and CD-ROM virtual walk-thrus of some of the ships.

Copyright: 1997 - 2008 Kelley David Cole