Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chapter III - The Kennedy


Twelve earth standard days later;

“Tactical! How many rim runners are currently coming at us from the surface?”

“About twenty or thirty, sir. We won’t know for sure for another minute or so. Some appear to be hopping between space debris.”

“All hands to battle stations! We’re taking them out.”

Unnoticed, because of the battle about to erupt around the Antietam, another ship is silently approaching from the rear. “Captain, another ship is approaching from astern.”

“On screen, ensign, and identify.”

“It’s the Kennedy, and it’s about time.”

“Comms, hail the Kennedy, and have her ready her star runner detachment, immediately.”

“Aye sir. Kennedy’s Captain hailing thru.”

“Mitch, what’s happening out here?”

“Pete, it’s maddening, every time we take a decisive advantage they seem to come back at us from nowhere. How quickly can you ready your runners?”

“All ready to go. We’ve been monitoring you for the past one hundred and twenty parsecs, and have had the runner det on standby for the past sixty. Lieutenant Simmons, launch runners now!”

Hawke and his crew silently watch as the Kennedy’s runners launch in wave upon wave from the runner carrier’s launch bays. In perfect military formation they assemble and go after the rim runners from the surface. One by one, the rim runners lose interest in the Antietam as the star runners engage for battle. The battle lasted twenty-three hours and before it was over, both sides experience heavy losses.

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