Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prelude to Civil War - year 2857


"Mr. Council President, if you insist on supporting this so-called Android Article, then I must warn you that seven of the thirteen planetary colonies have threatened secession from the Planetary Council!"

"To hell with the colonies! They're nothing but upstarts Thornberg. Besides, it has been shown on more than one occasion that the androids have achieved a level of sentience. In short, they are now self-aware."

"But sir, they are the only means to mine some of the outer asteroids with any efficiency and safety. This kind of upheaval has not happened within our civilization since the original War between the States, one thousand years ago."

The door to the President's office slams open, and Admiral Casey storms in all out of breath.

"Damn it Casey! don't you ever knock?"

"I'm sorry Speaker Thornberg, something terrible is happening at the outer rim."

"Well, don't just stand there! What is it?"

"The Plutonian Colony has started skirmishes with our border patrol. They can't do much damage to our battle cruisers with their little star runners, but it is only a matter of time before they develop bigger ships!"

"Who is currently assigned patrol of that sector?"

"The Antietam under the command of Captain Hawke, sir."

"Make sure he is at DEFCON 1 until further notice, and send reinforcements to hold that sector. Put all other units on DEFCON 4 alert. Oh, and send that new Fast Attack Star Runner carrier Kennedy to assist."

"Yes sir."

"Come on Thornberg, we have a new article to put into effect, and a Civil War to head off..." and, under his breath, "If possible..."

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